Extracts from an Email from Rosemary Broadstock

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I don't know if you know that I am acting Chair of the Reforming Alliance exec until end Dec when a National Board will be appointed. Lynden and I have become quite involved in this issue. The reason for this is that it is most disturbing for us as UC ministers to be looking at the possible demise of our relationship with Congress [The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress] and a large sector of the migrant Ethnic Churches. It is sad to see the loss of ecumenical dialogue with at least 4 denominations that I know of and the possible lapsing of several co-operating Anglican/UC parishes. This is not to mention the crisis for many congregations, various Presbyteries, and at Synod level in SA and Q particularly.

From my point of view I feel I am looking at a the UC becoming a much smaller Anglo only Church, a /Uniting/ Church without many people to talk with. Apart from that we are most concerned about the way the structure of the Church has become so disempowering for so many, the place of scripture seems to be at the mercy of cultural norms and the conclusions of experience, and as one consequence a "Terra Nullus" has apparently been declared as far as sexual ethics goes.

This impacts on me not just as a minister concerned with Christian Education for young people, but also as a parent of young secondary students, and I feel very much the silence and lack of support from the UC in these 2 roles at this time. I gather from ... that you are interested in what's happening here. I hope so as otherwise you may be feeling under fire at the moment!

I have attached the only document that Reforming Alliance has agreed to as yet, the Urgent Call to the UC. A Confessing Statement is in process. .... I have attached this document and also the lastest statement from the Northern Regional Council of Congress.