Templestowe Uniting Church

Mission Statement -- September 1996

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Our mission is:

To be the people of God at Templestowe in fellowship with other Christians.

To fulfil our mission, as we seek to be led by the Spirit of God, we will prayerfully commit ourselves to:

As a congregation within which each member will have their own calling, we will:-

Worship God in Spirit and in truth, in a variety of forms which allow full participation by people of all ages and different interests by offering both traditional and contemporary forms of worship with

Grow together in faith and love by encouraging:

Learn the way of Christ, growing in understanding and commitment to the Christian faith, by establishing a strategy which emphasises continuing growth and renewal in which we support:

the redevelopment of Sunday School including

new initiatives in youth and children work through

new opportunities for adults to learn, such as

Serve Christ and make him known in the community through service and evangelism by

taking aspects of church life to the Templestowe community by encouraging such activities as

offering educational programs and activity groups of interest to the local community by

establishing a social action group to co-ordinate study and active witness through

developing new and more effective means of communication such as

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Templestowe Uniting Church

Action Plan for 1996-97

Priorities are to be decided by the Congregation and revised each six to twelve months.

Members of the congregation are invited to chose one of these points of action and join a group to review that part of the action plan and begin action in the light of the Mission Statement.

1. Social Action Group

Establish a group to investigate social needs and begin action on one or two selected projects:- asking members of the Congregation to share their knowledge of particular needs; consulting UCA agencies in the region, special ministries in the Presbytery and local community welfare agencies; learning more about the local community before choosing a project.

2. Youth and Children's Work

Review and develop recent initiatives for Christian education and outreach, especially the effort made to restart the Sunday School, to begin a junior youth club, family services and other alternatives, and the relationship of KUCA to worship and the general life of the congregation. Any recommendations about appointing a paid worker in the field of youth and/or family work?

3. Sharing Groups

Plan and develop ways of sharing the faith and providing personal support. This might involve visiting people within and beyond the congregation, arranging short or longer term discussion groups on topics of interest in understanding the faith and its relevance to our society, bible study at an introductory or more advanced level, prayer groups or spiritual retreats, or courses in basic Christian beliefs, which might be of interest to inquirers as well as believers.

4. Communications Strategy

How do we present ourselves to the community? Consider forms of publicity such as signs or notice boards, publications like the Newsletter or whatever we print, the use of pamphlets, advertising, liaison with the local press, computing technology, other media, and whatever will be helpful and practical.

5. Contemporary Music

Gather resources for the use of contemporary music in worship. Consult with Synod Commission for Mission and its Youth Ministry Network, find out who has the knowledge, who can help both within our congregation and beyond, learn about copyright and other problems, collect material, learn and teach how to use it, in co-operation with others, considering the orchestra, and the choir, and the talents of members generally. Consult with the minister and the Worship Committee.

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