Pieta: A Hymn for Good Friday

86.86 Tune Pieta by Gordon Ramsay or St. Magnus or Morning Song.

[Click here for music composed by Gordon Ramsey for this hymn.]

O  painful, painful, painful day!
My Lord, my flesh, my son;
the breath of life you breathed away,
was life in God now won.

The pain of birth you chose to make
a sign of God's new life.
So for God's Kingdom you now take
the pain, the curse, the knife.

"Here is your son", you said to me,
"Mother", to one well loved.
Disciples all, we are to be,
in grief and love embraced.

O painful, painful, painful day!
That joy through tears may come,
I do believe, and hope to say,
when you have led me home.

© David Beswick, 1997. May be reproduced locally for use in worship, with acknowledgment, but not for any commercial purpose without approval.

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