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Tune: TALLIS' CANON, 88.88

Be present now dear risen Lord,
help us to know the living Word;
teach us your true Emmaus way;
reveal yourself to us today.

The Word made flesh; our only head,
be known to us in breaking bread
here in the holy fellowship:
bread in our hands, cup to the lip.

We meet you at the supper, Lord,
and feel with friends the binding cord.
Knowing your sacrifice for all,
we would serve others as you call.

In thankfulness we look for you,
alive to us in all we do.
We members of your body share
in service, sacrament and prayer.

Our risen friend, our glorious king,
there at the end we hope to sing
on that great day, your wedding feast,
knowing your love has never ceased.

© David Beswick 1996
[May be reproduced freely for use in worship, with acknowledgement of source, but not published commercially without approval.]