Lectionary - Epiphany 7 (Ordinary 7) Year C

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Genesis 45:3-11 Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
Psalm 37:1-11,39-40 ... the humble will possess the land
1 Corinthians 15:35-38,42-50 ... there is also a spiritual body
Luke 6:27-38 Treat others as you would like them to treat you

Suggested Hymns (From Denis Towner. TIS = Together in Song; AHB = Australian Hymn Book; SA = Sing Alleluia)
Hymns for Epiphany 7, Yr.C
lesson hymn TIS AHB SA
G Brother, sister, let me serve you 650 14
E Christ is alive, with joy we sing 393
G Father all-loving and ruling in majesty 160 104
O Fold to your heart your sister and your brother 587 [503]
O Forgive our sins, as we forgive 635 564
O God moves in a mysterious way 126 54
G God you have given us power to sound 550
G God! when human bonds are broken 683
O Great God we sing that mighty hand 124 52
E Hail the day that sees him rise 369 291
hc I come with joy to meet my Lord 533 452
G Jesus united by your grace 365
O Kneels at the feet of his friends 640 561
G Love divine, all loves excelling 217 148
O/G Make me a channel of your peace 607 66
E Man more than man, completely fulfilled 355 274
E Now is eternal life 385 305
E Now the green blade rises 382
G O God of every nation 621
G Peace with the Father, peace with Christ the Son 466 402
Ps/E Praise to the Holiest in the height 141 79
Ps Put all your trust in God 555 464
G Take my life, and let it be 599 520
G This is my will, my one command  641 401
G When Christ was lifted from the earth 248 93
O/G Where there is charity and love 434

Other Possible Hymns
(Numbers refer to The Australian Hymn Book and Sing Alleluia. TIS = Together in Song.)
SA 90 (TIS 468) We are your people:/ Lord, by your grace
SA 95 Where love and loving kindness dwell
6 (TIS 194) O love how deep, how deep, how broad, how high
67 (TIS 133) O worship the king all-glorious above
172 (TIS 230) It passeth knowledge, that dear love of thine
179 (TIS 238) Christ is the world's true light
554 (TIS 630) The law or Christ alone can make us free
567 (TIS 631) Father, Lord of all creation
576 (TIS 771) Now to him who loved us

Sermon summary (Click here for complete sermon)

How can you love your enemies?

Jesus said: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you -- Luke 6:27. Really, how can you do it? This is not merely as a high ideal. He went on to expand the idea [Luke 6:27-35]; but he provided the way to achieve what seems impossible. Jesus is not a hard task master, but one who lifts up the fallen.

The way of grace
Jesus is talking about grace - about a free undeserved gift. The love he is talking about is a gift [charis = grace] - the greatest gift: LOVE:- ... strive for the greater gifts ....if I ....do not have love, I am nothing.... [1 Corinthians 12:31 - 13:3]. ... the unselfish kind of love that was once called charity, gracious love, or caring for the good of another - agapé. It is a gift of God.

The golden rule
Do to others as you would have them do to you. - Luke 6:31. This is the agapé type of love: fundamentally to desire the good of the other. That desire for the good of the other is only possible if the basic selfish desire to advance one's own interest is overcome. The love others have for us helps a great deal, and God's love for us makes all the difference. But God proves his love for us in that while we still were sinners Christ died for us. -- Romans 5:8 .... if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his. -- Romans 6:5. What has belief in the resurrection to do with the golden rule?

Belief in the resurrection
It is the power of God evident in the human life of the man Jesus to overcome sin and death which gives us hope that by his grace we too can be liberated. We can share his victory. So in 1 Corinthians 15 [see notes last week] Paul goes on, after describing the new life in a risen body that is given to those raised with Christ, to sing a great song of triumph:- this mortal body puts on immortality, ...."Death has been swallowed up in victory."
[1 Cor. 15:49-57]. That is also a victory over selfish concern, sin. God is working out his purpose....love your enemies, ...and you will be children of the Most High [Luke 6:27-35]. It is his gift to you in Christ.

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The Gathering of the People of God

Let us worship God. Jesus said: I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. -- John 13:34
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ

HYMN O love how deep, how broad, how high TIS 194 AHB 6

Loving God, Lord of the Church, we confess that we have sinned against you in thought, word and deed: we have not loved you with all our heart or served you with all our strength; we have been blind to the vision of a renewed world and deaf to your call to costly discipleship; we have been indifferent to the suffering of others and unwilling to forgive one another. In your mercy, Lord, pardon and restore us, that together in the ministry of Christ we may serve you with joy all the days of our life. Amen.

When you were dead in trespasses, God made you alive together with him, when he forgave us all our trespasses, erasing the record that stood against us with its legal demands. He set this aside, nailing it to the cross.  -- Colossians 2:13-14
Hear then the word of grace and the assurance of Pardon:  Your sins are forgiven
Thanks be to God.

DOXOLOGY: Now to him who loved us TIS 771 AHB 576


Service of the Word

INTRODUCTION OF THEME: [A word to the children]
OLD TESTAMENT Genesis 45:3-11 Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
PSALM 37:1-11,39-40 ... the humble will possess the land
EPISTLE 1 Corinthians 15:35-38,42-50 ... there is also a spiritual body
GOSPEL Luke 6:27-38 Treat others as you would like them to treat you

HYMN God moves in a mysterious way TIS 126 AHB 54


HYMN Where love and lovingkindness dwell SA 95

SHARING TIME [Questions; notices, celebrations and requests for intercessions]
In peace, we pray to you, Lord God.
For all people in their daily life and work;
for our families, friends and neighbours, and for those who are alone.
For this community, our country, and the world;
for all who work for justice, freedom and peace.
For the just and proper use of your creation;
for the victims of hunger, fear, injustice and oppression.
For all who are in danger, sorrow, or any kind of trouble;
for those who minister to the sick, the friendless and the needy.
For the peace and unity of the Church of God;
for all who proclaim the gospel, and for all seek the truth.
For the Uniting Church in Australia,
for James, President of the Assembly,
for .... our moderator and for ... our chairperson of presbytery,
for elders and members of the parish council,
and for all who hold office in this congregation;
for all who serve God in the church.
For our own needs, and for others for whom you have called us to pray.
[Silence: The people may offer their own petition, either silently or aloud.]
Hear us, Lord
for your mercy is great.
We thank you, Lord, for all the blessings of life.
[Silence: The people may offer their own thanksgivings.]
We exalt you, O God our king;
and praise your name for ever and ever.
We give thanks for all those who have died in the peace of Christ, and for the promise of your eternal kingdom.
In Christ you have called us to eternal glory;
to you be praise for ever and ever. Amen.

God of compassion,
keep before us the love you have revealed in your Son,
who prayed even for his enemies;
in our words and deeds
help us to be like him through whom we pray,
Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial
and deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours
now and for ever. Amen.

The Sending Forth of the People of God

HYMN It passeth knowledge, that dear love of thine TIS 230 AHB 172
DISMISSAL Go in peace to love and serve the Lord:
In the name of Christ. Amen.

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