Some extracts from letters and cards of sympathy on Joan's death

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We were enriched by Joan's presence, and will cherish the memories of her smile, her gentle counsel, humour, ability to 'get alongside people' and her loving partnership ... all of which was such a model for us all. - Ann Key, Gippsland Presbytery.

I knew Joan as a very shy young girl ... she had that lovely gentle voice, those beautiful soft brown eyes and such a generous disposition, and I think she did not change... - Kath Arthur, Melbourne.

Ian and I have known Joan as a young woman in the Methodist Youth Department, bubbly and beautiful and an inspiration all her life to bring others to a faith in God. - Gwen Miles, Canberra, ex Melbourne.

Joan was a quiet person, though knowledgeable, and with a quiet sense of humour. She was always enthusiastic to embrace those things in which she was involved. - Helen Salomon, Templestowe Uniting Church Newsletter.

We appreciated Joan's company very much and the hospitality extended to us - Jennie and Robert McLachlan, Mt Eliza, ex Gippsland.

We remember Joan as a warm, caring, quiet woman - and a lady. - Pat and Jim Potter, UCA and ex University of Melbourne.

She was a thoroughly nice and good person, always kind and generous and interesting to be with, and in my experience completely free of negative traits. - Margaret Middleton, Canberra, ex ANU Psychology.

She was so good and thoughtful and conscientious and unselfish. - Helen Merrick, Vermont, USA, ex 'Harvard Dames'.

... a lovely lady, and a good friend and confidant to all who knew and loved her ... her bright spirit was lovely to share. - Joan Brown, Templestowe.

Her sweet nature will be sadly missed, amongst a very wide circle of family and friends. - John Green, cousin.

Joan was a lovely, sweet lady, and all who knew her will cherish memories of her. - Marje Austin, cousin by marriage.

Joan will be remembered in the UCAF with affection, not only for her work but for the caring person she was. - Betty Lacy, UCAF, Victorian Synod.

She certainly was a very accomplished lady and served her Lord and community to the best of her ability. - Bessie Bardwell, Canberra, Wesley Church.

.... the "sunshine" of her smile ... I knew that smile ... - Charles Thompson, Trinity Uniting Church, North Balwyn.

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