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Beswick, Featherstone, Jessup, Thompson.

This page will replace the besfam.htm page as the prime entry point for family history on this site.

It will have links to index pages for other related families as well as Beswick, with links within groups such as Beswick and Jessup to familes related by marriage and more remote ancestral branches such as Featherstone and MacGregor.

The Beswick link at this stage points back to besfam.htm which will remain available for historic links on other sites but will be replaced here by a new index page for the Beswick material which is the only part which is developed in detail so far.

Jessup includes Thompson and Featherstone

The history of the Tasmanian family of Thomas and Mary Beswick begins with the arrest of Thomas in London on Christmas Eve 1822. There is a new report on the burial and possible birth of Thomas Beswick the London publican father of Thomas the convict.

Related families include Peever , Clarke, Dick, Jessup, MacGregor, Thompson, Featherstone, Newman, Harris, McIver, James. For recent findings see Mary Ann's Tattoo, Anthony Cottrell, Featherstone alias Blackmore, Catherine's namesake and John Thompson, Grenadier Guard. Aso John Thompson's family in Tasmania
For a recent update on Mary Ann Clarke and Henry Peever see Dromore and more on Mary Ann
Henry Peever's Family of Origin, Birmingham.

On the Jessup side see findings in 2004 regarding the family of origin of Richard Olding Cummins in Devon; and the origin of John Thompson in Lancashire: two reports on John Thompson, his military discharge, and his birth and service record.

Of my late wife's family see the origin of her great grandfather Joseph Green in Birmingham discovered in 2004, the ancenstral tree posted on exetersystems by Jeff Green.

Note:- See also John Beswick's book Brother's Home: The Story of Derby Tasmania.