The Convict Record of Mary Ann Ray (or Mary Ann Clarke)

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[No alias is given in the convict records, but Mary Ann Ray has been identified from other sources as being originally known as Mary Ann Clarke, a name she used also after completion of her transportation sentence. See Mary Ann's Tattoo, Or how we found Catherine's mother.]

Tasmanian Archives Con 40/8 Page 271 Margin number 256 [Conduct Record]

Ray, Ann Mary

Emma Eugenia 9 April 1842

Lancaster Liverpool QS 25 October 1841 [crossings out over 15?] 10 Yrs [inserted above]

Transported for stealing a watch and other articles from the person. Gaol report: Convicted before and 3 times in prison. Single. Stated this offence: Stealing a watch and money, once for money 12 months, twice for being disorderly 1 month each time. Goal report: 2 or 3 years on the town, Single. Surgeons report: Tolerably good.

May 23rd 1842 Bromley/ Absent without leave and insolence, 14 days soly. conft. /JF/ Same date Insolence and being very riotous and disorderly when in charge, 12 mos. hard labor in the Factory /JF/ Factory Laun.n Vide LGDesis[?] 26/5/42. July 19/44 Saltmarsh Misconduct 7 days soly conft. /CA/. Oct.r 8 1844 Saltmarsh /. Misconduct 10 days soly conft. /.CA/ 18 Dec. 1844 Davis / Misct 10 days hard labor /AG&HW/ Appd.[?] Vide Ls[?] decis [?] 20/12/44 Feby 20/46 TL / Absent from her residence and in a disly house One Cal Month hard labor /WF / Factory Laun.n Vide Dissis.n[?] 27/2/46. March 6/46 F Ho' of C. / Disorderly conduct 3 Mos. hard labor added to her present sentence /.AG/ Appd. Vide decisn. 20/3/46. June 29/46 TL /Obscene language, fined 5/- /.WT/ Augt. 13/46 TL /Misconduct in using obscene language, one mth. Hard labour /AG/ Factory Launceston Vide Decisn. 21/8/46. Oct 14/46 TL / Drunk and using indecent language 3 mth. hard labour /M[?]/ Factory Hobart vide decision [?] 20/10/46. 1st March 47 TL / Miscondt. 2 mos. hard labor /TM/ facty Hob. 5.3.47. 10th June 47 Suspecte[d?] prison [person?] 2 mos. hard labor /TM/ Approved Tof L cancelled 18.6.47. 30th Augt. 47 Price[?] / Absent witht. leave 4 mos. hd. Labor /AEH [W?]/ 12th Jan.[?]/48 Morrison / Our after hours 6 days soly. /AEW[?]/ 8 February 1848 Gibson / Absent without leave and found in a brothel 6 mos. hard labor /AEW[?]/ Facty Hobt. 10.2.48.

[Separately, large:] T of L 27/11/49

[In margin, incompletely visible on copy] [?] 44 3 Class, L [?] 10/3/46, L[?] Cancd. [?] 30.7.47, TL 11.11.49.

[At bottom of record] 10/5/45 Supd Ln. [?] 8/9/45 Supd. Launceston, 21/8/46 Supt. Ln. ops[?], 4/12/46 Oats [?] off 4/1[?]/47 PM [or Perth?] 13/11/49 CTown

There are other details including a physical description to be added from other convict documents -- see also raydata.htm.

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